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For What It's Worth
blossom DUH
I figure since no one is reading this I may as well just ramble incoherently about things probably best kept to myself.

So I'm moved back into VU now. Hurray, joy, applause and fireworks I guess. I got here around 7:30 this morning and have been doing nothing all day. Met my roommate, Brian, he's nice. Reminds me of Rich, except this time I actually have answers for any questions he has. It's his first year here. I'm going to wait until Tuesday to pick up my books...I'll have to get my parking permit before then.

I like how I got the room set up this year. I fixed it up how Rich had his last year. Bed lowered, desk against the wall, dresser in the closet. It looks nice and is definitely more comfortable to lounge in. Got the Xbox online, the connection seemed really good. All-in-all, it's really awesome and I'm going to try to keep it nicer than last year.

Have to work tomorrow. Not thrilled, but I don't really care, I need the money.

So the wedding is next year. Honestly, I'm nervous as hell. I just think its going to be way bigger than I can handle. But I can't really ask Hailey to compromise, since we're compromising a lot as it is. Whatever...

Played some Guitar Hero today. I'm down to just one song left to five star: the Guitar Hero Modern Hits Theme Song. I'm so close I can feel it, it just hurts. Failed Satch Boogie though. I fucking hate that chart.


I did have a good part to the day though. Last night I finally finished a one-shot I'd been working on called The Sufferer and the Witness. It's a fanfic of a fanfic, based on characters created by Yay-Ninja-Bob (straighten_curl, etc) in her story Villain and Villain: Epilogue. While the pairing, Cherry x Cat, came off weaker than I'd hoped, I think the overall message and feel of the story worked out well.

Cat has given in and joined Jojo Jr. as a villain. Her sister, Cherry, has been sent after her by their mom, Blossom, and an unnamed general. The two fight, originally a fight to the death, but the fight tapers off as night draws in around them.

I won't spoil anything, but I will say that the last scene is my favorite of any scene I've ever written. I really feel like it needs more work, but Yay-Ninja-Bob herself left a comment on it, which was overwhelmingly positive. There are a million and one ways I'd like to express my reaction to what she wrote, but every last one of them would strip me of what little masculinity I possess. So in short I'll just say: Bobby that made my entire life as a writer. I can't thank you enough :D.

I'm going to try writing a lot more now that I'm in school and will have lots of time to kill after my classes.

So...yay...more shit no one will read. Title of my fucking life story: No One Cares.

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I still wonder if I would be able to play any of those guitar games *stares at CP-ic hands and is left handed*

I would never be able to write fanfic of fanfic well, I'm too much of a control freak *lol* I'd ruin everything...

I'm just writing PPG fanfic because I want to read what happens as much as anyone else..
Characters are funny things :3

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